Why Do cTrader Forex Brokers Offer Better Trading Conditions?

ctrader-logocTrader is a Forex trading platform developed by Spotware, a leading technology firm that deals in innovative trading products for the retail Forex trading market. Spotware has developed the cTrader platform for all types of Forex and CFD trading products and provides a host of advantages that has enabled the cTrader to gain incredible popularity in the Forex trading industry within a short span of time. Although the cTrader platform is not as popular as the current industry leader, the MetaTrader platform from MetaQuotes, Spotware is quietly confident in its abilities to capture a significant market share in the near future. Spotware has carefully analyzed the requirements of the Forex markets and has designed an interface that can penetrate the retail trading industry unlike any other trading platforms in the recent past. cTrader mainly caters to more experienced and professional traders, as the cTrader has several unique features that are useful in exercising more flexibility and freedom while investing in the Forex markets. cTraders is one of the hottest competitions to the MetaTrader platform and has a real chance of eclipsing the popularity currently enjoyed by the MetaTrader terminal.

How Is cTrader Different From Regular Market Maker Platforms?

cTrader was designed and developed as a fully ECN model that offers direct market access (DMA) to traders without any external bridge. The traditional MetaTrader terminal is a market maker model that requires ECN or STP bridges to connect traders directly to the interbank exchanges or liquidity providers. The cTrader, on the other hand, is one of the very first trading platforms that were designed to connect traders directly to a liquidity provider, which primarily provides ECN and STP trading conditions to traders from the outset. cTrader Forex brokers eliminate the need for any dealing desk, which prevents any conflicts of interest between the broker and its traders. Since the orders are passed directly to the market, brokers don’t have any role in filling any positions, which ultimately help traders to enjoy complete peace of mind by being confident that their brokers won’t act against their clients’ interests.

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Most cTrader Forex brokers pass on the interbank rates to their traders at markup spreads, and usually charge a commission per trade. cTrader allows traders to trade directly from the charts, and all positions can be modified or closed within the charts. cTrader offers the Depth Of Market (DOM) feature, which provides live updates on all orders that are currently passed on to the liquidity provider. The DOM feature offers different levels of market depth and is considered as an important tool to understand the market dynamics, which helps traders to make informed trading decisions based on the liquidity of the markets.

Direct market access also allows the cTrader platform to offer accurate live price feeds along with super tight spreads and instant order execution. Since orders are passed directly to the market, there can be significant slippages during volatile market conditions. However, all orders are executed at market rates, and there will be no instances of requotes or refills while trading on the cTrader platform. During times of low volatility, traders might experience problems with liquidity, which might lead to orders being filled partially; therefore, cTrader ECN accounts are free from dealing desk situations where the order is either filled completely or rejected altogether. cTrader offers automated trading options through its cAlgo platform, which uses the C# programming language for creating automated trading systems. cAlgo is an advanced automated trading platform that is suited for traders with high levels of experience and knowledge in programming, which is quite a disadvantage for regular traders. Regular traders may hire programmers or make use of the cTrader community to seek programming help from the forum, but overall, the programming nature of the automated trading system is considered to be highly sophisticated than other established trading platforms in the market.

Is The cTrader Platform Suitable For All Forex Traders?

cTrader is an excellent platform all types of traders, as the platform offers an excellent set of trading conditions that avoids any interference from the middleman. cTrader provides instant market execution and direct market access, which helps traders to trade the markets according to their preferences. Since cTrader offers direct market access, cTrader Forex brokers typically require users to satisfy several trading conditions that are usually not implemented by market maker brokers. Most cTrader brokers offer their services through an ECN account, which involves a commission per trade. Therefore, unlike conventional STP accounts, traders will have to accommodate for additional costs of trading, which not only includes commissions but can also include variable spreads that change according to market conditions. ECN accounts typically require accounts to have more equity in them, which forces cTrader brokers to stipulate higher trading capital requirements. Most brokers specify a minimum of $500 for opening a cTrader account, and there are very few brokers that support lower investments. ECN accounts also involve trading in standard lots, which prevents traders from enjoying the benefits of lowering their risks through micro lots and higher leverage. Therefore, cTrader is strictly designed for large traders with significant funds in their trading accounts.

How Do I Find cTrader Forex Brokers & What To Expect?

cTrader is proving to be one of the highly preferred ECN trading platforms, which has forced several mainstream Forex brokers to issue the platform to their clients. The official Spotware website provides an updated list of all Forex brokers that provide access to the cTrader platform, and brokers also display the range of platforms offered to traders on their official website. As a trader, make sure that the cTrader Forex broker that you choose is regulated by a legitimate regulatory authority so that you can stay safe from any instances of broker scams or fraudulent financial practices. cTrader offers multiple platforms for both desktops as well as mobile trading. cTrader is supported on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, and is also available in the form a WebTrader. Spotware offers an iteration of its social trading platform known as the cMirror, which essentially allows traders to collaborate and copy trades from each other, or open a managed account for managing client investments. cTrader also supports Virtual Private Server access for traders that are looking for better latency and higher efficiency for automated trading.

cTrader is certainly an excellent platform, especially for traders that are serious about investing in the Forex markets. cTrader always ensures the best trading conditions than any other market maker models, which enables traders to trade the markets without any outside interference.