Easy Forex Broker Review

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Being informed about Forex market means to be aware of the available Forex brokers, as well. Once you learn the basic tips and rules for trading, start discovering the beneficial platforms in the field to become a member of and to gain even more profits. And the best way to do so is to read detailed reviews, of course. And today, we once again focus your attention on one particular broker by providing you a detailed and quite helpful Easy Forex review. Check it right away!

Easy Forex Overview and Specifications to Consider

Easy Forex is a well-known Forex broker that has rich history in the field. The experience of this platform is more than 10-year and this, naturally, indicates its strong reputation and 100% reliability. Indeed, Easy Forex is a very trustworthy broker and many of its current customers are mostly loyal and regular users, who have been trading on this platform for years. The headquarters of Easy Forex are based in Limassol Cyprus, although, the firm has also offices in many other locations such as Poland, Great Britain, Shanghai and Australia. What is interesting about this broker is that even though mainly based in Cyprus, it has got its official license from the Australian Financial Services (AFS) agency. Meanwhile, the legal regulator that controls the safety on Easy Forex broker is the Australian regulator ASIC. On the other side, to provide even more secured and reliable trading environment, Easy Forex accepts the additional EU-based regulation measures –mostly in the data safety filed. Since 2010 Easy Forex has stopped accepting US members, but this definitely did not decreased the number of people, who desire to trade on this platform. It is also important to say that Easy Forex perfect customer support services that additionally make the customers here feel very comfortable.

The platform provides the following communication methods: e-mails and phone calls. The customer support representatives are available 24/7, so the audience is always provided with additional help in case of need for more information or of some inquiry. The spreads on Easy Forex platform are entirely fixed and it transacts over 85% of the trades, which were made during the day. The leverage options are either 100:1, or 500:1 according to the type of the account you prefer to open on Easy Forex website. You are allowed to choose between a traditional account with minimum amount for initial deposit of $25 and mini account, which is very suitable for beginners. Speaking of newcomers on the website that are in the beginning of their trading activity, Easy Forex offers an amazing education centre with free of charge lessons and examples to take under consideration. Last, but not least, the payment methods for this platform are credit or debit card, PayPal and traditional bank wire transfers.

Easy Forex Bonus System and Types

Many people estimate a Forex broker by its bonus system. Whether this is right, or not is a critical discussion, but, entering Easy Forex website, it becomes obvious that this platform is very rich in different promotions. So do not waste time, but check out what bonus types you can be offers with by becoming a member of Easy Forex community:

  • First Vanilla Options Trade – You can receive up to $200 bonus and your potential is completely unlimited. To get this bonus you only need to have an official registration on the website and to cover the minimum of the initial deposit amount. Make your first trade and see if you receive the bonus!
  • Welcome bonus – The welcome bonus on Easy Forex platform is common. It can give you up to $2000 once you open an account and make your first initial deposit. The bonus is 20% of your primary invested sum, so the more you invest, the bigger your bonus will become.
  • Win and Win Again – This special bonus on Easy Forex platform allows you to double your winning and to have your loss covered up to $200. This is, though, offered as a promotion only for beginners in trading, who want to practice their skills at first and then, to proceed with the real trading experience. Keep in mind that this is not the well-known demo account, where you can practice for free, too, but the winnings and the losses are not real like with this Easy Forex bonus.

Easy Forex Software Type Information

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*Trading bonus are not eligible for clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd< and Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd

It is important for a Forex broker to have a reliable and intuitive platform and Easy Forex website can definitely boast with such a strong point. The broker uses the popular not one single, but several platforms. This allows the trader to choose his best favourite, so the trading activity can be as convenient as possible! These are the available software types on Easy Forex:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • Easy Forex mobile platform
  • TradeDesk – just like MetaTrader, this platform is highly appreciated by many traders
  • Visual Trading Machine – web-based platform that is specially designed for Easy Forex website

Why Choosing Easy Forex Broker?

Check out the biggest benefits of trading on Easy Forex platform:

  • Availability of many platforms to choose from
  • Big variety of bonus types
  • Good reputation
  • Perfectly organized education centre for beginners

Being experts in the field, we strongly recommend you to visit and testing Easy Forex broker. You will definitely like it!