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Forex proprietary trading, also known as prop trading, involves individuals or firms trading on their behalf, using their capital. It is a famous resource for experienced traders looking to increase their profitability. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of forex prop trading, its benefits, risks, and steps involved in getting started. Are you ready to harness the power of Forex prop trading and take control of your financial destiny?

Our Recommended Prop Firms

Top Prop Firms

Profit Split: up to 90%
Accounts: $25k-$200k
Challenge: 2-phase, no time limit

Starting Fees: $45 - $975
Challenge Types: 1-step, 2-step
Payout: Bi-weekly after initial 30 days
Starting Fees: $55 - $800
Challenge Types: 1-step or 2-step
Payout: 14 days (first payout), 10 days, then weekly
Starting Fees: $50 - $1782
Challenge Types: 2-step
Payout: Bi-Weekly
Starting Fees: $45 - $995
Challenge Types: 1-step/HFT & 2-step
Payout: 21 days
Starting Fees: $58 to $1198
Challenge Types: 3-step
Payout: On request
Starting Fees: $32 to $989
Challenge Types: 1- 2-step
Payout: Monthly
Starting Fees: $97 to $997
Challenge Steps: 1 and 2-step
Payout: Every 2 weeks

Profit Split: up to 90%
Accounts: $5k-$1M
Challenge: 2-phase, no time limit

Starting Fees: $199 to $1429
Challenge Types: 1 - 2-step
Payout: Weekly

What is Prop Trading in Forex?

Proprietary Trading in Forex refers to the practice of Trading using a firm’s capital or funds rather than client funds.

  • It involves traders making speculative trades in the Forex market to generate profits for the firm.
  • Unlike retail traders, proprietary traders have access to more considerable capital and more advanced trading tools and technologies.

Role and Objectives of Proprietary Traders

The proprietary traders are responsible for executing trades on behalf of the firm using the firm’s funds.

  • Their primary objective is to generate consistent profits by taking advantage of market opportunities and price movements.
  • They analyze market data, develop trading strategies, manage risks, and adapt their approach to changing market conditions.

How Forex Proprietary Trading Operates

How does the collaboration between proprietary traders and the firm’s resources impact trading success in the Forex market?

  • Forex Proprietary Trading involves traders using the firm’s capital to make trades in the Forex market.
  • Traders are typically incentivized through profit sharing, where they receive a certain percentage of the profits they generate.
  • The firm provides traders with access to trading platforms, research tools, and real-time market data.
  • Traders follow risk management guidelines and trading rules set by the firm to mitigate financial risks.

Advantages of Trading via a Prop Firm

Have you ever wondered how trading through a Forex proprietary trading firm can benefit you? Let’s explore the advantages:

Access to Capital

  • Prop firms provide traders with access to substantial capital that is not available to retail traders.
  • This allows traders to maximize their profit potential and take advantage of larger portion sizes.

Advanced Trading Tools and Technologies

  • Proprietary trading firms offer sophisticated trading platforms, market analysis tools, and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Traders can utilize these tools to enhance their market analysis, execute trades, and monitor positions in real time.

Proven Risk Management

  • Prop firms enforce risk management protocols to protect both traders and the firm’s capital.
  • Traders are provided with risk guidelines, position limits, and stop-loss mechanisms to minimize potential losses.

Performance-Based Compensation

  • Prop firms often offer performance-based compensation structures.
  • Traders have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits they generate, providing an additional incentive to achieve consistent profitability.

How Traders Leverage These Advantages

  • Traders can leverage the access to capital to trade larger position sizes, potentially increasing their profit potential.
  • Advanced trading tools and technologies enable traders to conduct in-depth market analysis, identify trading opportunities, and execute trades more efficiently.
  • By following the firm’s risk management protocols, traders can minimize potential losses and protect their capital effectively.
  • Performance-based compensation motivates traders to strive for consistent profitability, aligning their interests with the firm’s success.

Why Prop Firms Are Attractive Options for Traders

Proprietary trading firms offer a supportive and collaborative trading environment that fosters professional growth and development. Traders can benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of other traders within the firm.

  • Prop firms provide a clear pathway for traders to access higher amounts of capital and trading resources.
  • Engaging question: How can trading through a Forex Proprietary Trading Firm enhance your trading journey and increase your potential for long-term success?

Disadvantages of Trading via Prop Firm

Have you considered the potential drawbacks of Trading through a Forex Proprietary Trading Firm? Let’s explore the challenges! Here are some of the technical and crucial issues that need your attention:

Limited Freedom and Autonomy: Traders may have to adhere to strict trading rules, risk management guidelines, and report their trades regularly to the firm.

Profit Sharing Structure: While profit-sharing can be advantageous, it also means that traders may receive a smaller portion of the profits they generate compared to Trading with personal capital.

Target Requirements: Some prop firms impose profit targets that traders must meet to maintain their positions, which can create additional pressure and stress.

Risks and Limitations of Proprietary Trading

Risk of LossTraders are exposed to the risk of losses, and unsuccessful Trading can lead to financial setbacks.
Limited Profit PotentialSome prop firms cap the maximum number of profits traders can earn, limiting their earnings potential.
Market DependencyProprietary traders are reliant on market conditions, which can fluctuate and impact performance.

Helping Traders Make Informed Decisions

How can traders effectively navigate the challenges and limitations of Trading through a Forex prop trading company while maximizing their potential for success?

  • Understanding the potential downsides of Trading via prop firms allows traders to weigh the risks and make informed decisions.
  • Traders need to carefully evaluate the terms, conditions, and profit-sharing arrangements offered by a prop firm.

Top 7 Forex Prop Firms

We are about to guide you regarding trading giants in the industry with an unbiased review. 

Fider Crest

Let’s know about this firm!


  • The evaluation process is fast and straightforward, with no recurrent charges or other fees
  • Traders can manage up to 2 Million USD in the markets without a scaling plan required
  • The firm allows news event trading, and there are no limits on instruments or volume traded
  • The profit split is fair, with up to 90% paid consistently on time
  • The company has larger account sizes up to $1M without scaling plans
  • The company offers trading programs for Forex, CFDs, and other various types of traders


  • The company does not disclose much information about its history or the team behind it, which can be a concern for some traders
  • The company does not provide detailed information about its risk management strategies
  • The company’s evaluation process may be too rigid for some traders

Unique Offerings:

  • The firm offers a transparent and straightforward evaluation course with minimum objectives and rules.
  • The company allows traders to manage trading firm capital of up to 2 Million USD
  • The firm offers news event trading with no limits on instruments or volume traded.
  • The profit split offered is up to 90%, which is higher than many other proprietary trading firms.

FX2 Review

FX2 Funding is a forex proprietary trading firm that offers funding programs for traders to access up to $200,000 in funded accounts while keeping up to 85% of the profits. 


  • Simple, transparent, and affordable one-stage evaluation process to access funded accounts
  • High-profit split allowing traders to keep up to 85% of profits
  • There is no time limit on Trading, enabling traders to trade at their own pace
  • Refundable evaluation fee, which is returned to traders after they receive their funded account and request their first payout
  • Quick payouts, with traders being able to order their first payout after seven days of Trading
  • There is a variety of reports to choose from based on trading preferences and skill level


  • Limited information available on the company’s website about its history or team of experts
  • No specific details on risk management strategies employed by the company
  • No information about how the company generates revenue or funding for traders
  • Trailing drawdown of negative 6, which can lead to immediate termination of the account if equity falls below the limit.

Unique Offerings:

  • The company offers a refund on evaluation fees after traders receive their funded account and request their first payout.
  • There are no restrictions on Trading, including no stop-loss requirements, news trading restrictions, or lot size restrictions, apart from the available margin.

Here is a table outlining the different funding programs offered by FX2 Funding:

Funding ProgramProfit ShareProfit TargetDaily Loss MaximumTrailing DrawdownRefundable Fee (USD)Refundable Fee (EUR)
StarterUp to 85%$10004%6$125€95
IntermediateUp to 85%$25004%6$315€190
ProfessionalUp to 85%$50004%6$500€285
ExpertUp to 85%$10,0004%6$900€475
MasterUp to 85%$20,0004%6$1800€925

The 5%

Here’s a comprehensive review of The5ers, evaluating the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique offerings.


  1. Funding Programs: The5ers offers three funding programs to traders, allowing them to choose a program that suits their requirements. The funding programs accommodate varying levels of traders, with different budgetary allowances and skill levels.
  2. Risk Management Education: The firm offers access to its Prop Trading Course, which aims to develop traders’ risk management skills, enabling them to make better trading decisions.
  3. Unlimited Participation Time: Traders do not face time constraints on their funded accounts, which enables them to trade comfortably without fear of forced closure due to time restrictions.


  1. Fees: Participation in the funding programs requires a one-time cost, depending on the funding program chosen. The prices might be a barrier for traders who may need more funds to pay.
  2. Limited Software Choice: Although the firm offers cutting-edge technology, traders can only use the MetaTrader 5 Trading platform.

Unique offerings:

  1. Trading Programs: The firm offers three different funding programs, giving traders a choice that best suits their needs concerning budgetary allowance, skill level, and desired account growth.
  2. Prop Trading Course: The firm provides access to its Prop Trading Course, focusing on skills such as trading planning, advanced risk management techniques, and trading psychology.
  3. Trading Resources: The firm provides unlimited access to daily trading rooms, educational webinars, and professional traders to boost traders’ trading activities.
StrengthsWeaknessesUnique Offerings
Three Funding ProgramsFeesTrading Programs
Risk ManagementLimited Software ChoiceProp Trading Course
Trader SupportTrading Resources
Unlimited Participation

Review of Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is a top Forex proprietary trading firm that offers various programs designed to help experienced traders showcase their skills and join their teams. Let’s evaluate the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique offerings to help you make an informed choice.


  1. Flexible Evaluation Type: Funded Trading Plus offers both one-phase and two-phase evaluation programs, allowing you to choose the option that suits your trading style and preferences.
  2. Competitive Account Sizes: Traders can select from a range of account sizes, starting from $12,500 and going up to $200,000, depending on their trading goals and risk appetite.
  3. Unlimited Trading Days: Unlike some other firms, Funded Trading Plus does not impose time limits on their programs, giving you the freedom to take as much time as you need to pass the evaluation.
  4. Profit Split Options: During the FT Trader phase, you have the opportunity to upgrade your profit split from 80/20 to 90/10 when you make 20% simulated profit. Further, once you achieve a 30% fake profit, you can request to move to a 100% profit split.
  5. No Simulated Stop Loss Requirement: Funded Trading Plus does not mandate the use of simulated stop losses in their trading programs, providing you with greater flexibility in your trading strategies.


  1. Limited Funding Options: While Funded Trading Plus offers a variety of account sizes, they do not provide information about the available funding options on their website. You should contact them directly for more details in this regard.
  2. No Information on Trading Platforms: The website needs to include information about the specific trading platforms used by Funded Trading Plus, which may be crucial for some traders in their decision-making process.

Unique Offerings:

  1. Flexible Scaling Plan: Funded Trading Plus allows you to request scaling at every 10% of the simulated profit made during the FT Trader phase without any minimum time requirements. This unique feature enables you to increase your trading capital as you achieve consistent profitability.
  2. Refundable Fee: The evaluation program offered by Funded Trading Plus requires a fee of $499, which is refundable once you reach a 10% simulated profit. This policy provides an incentive and some financial protection for traders participating in their program.

Here is a table summarizing the available information:

Evaluation TypeOne-Phase, Two-Phase, Instant – No Evaluation
Program TypeExperienced
Account Size$12,500, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000
Maximum Simulated Trading DaysUnlimited
Simulated Profit Split80/20, 90/10 at 20%, 100% at 30%
Simulated Profit Target10%, $10,000
Minimum Simulated Trading DaysNo minimum
Maximum Simulated LeverageUp to 301
Maximum Simulated Loss6%, $6,000-$94,000
Daily Simulated Loss4%, $4,000
Scaling PlanAvailable, request scaling at every 10% of simulated profit
Minimum Withdrawal CriteriaDay 0 First Day, then weekly
Minimum Withdrawal Amount$50
EAs AllowedYes
Maximum Simulated Lot SizeNo hard limit, limited by a simulated margin
Hold over the weekendYes
Simulated Stop LossNot required
Refundable Fee$499, refundable at 10% fake profit

Comprehensive Review of Topstep

Topstep is a Forex proprietary trading firm that offers an innovative program for futures traders. Let’s evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and unique offerings of this firm.


Are you a futures trader looking to grow your skills and earn funding? Explore the strengths and weaknesses of Topstep’s program.

  1. Experiential Learning: Topstep’s Trading Combine program provides an experiential learning and evaluation process for futures traders, allowing them to grow and test their skills in simulated markets.
  2. Funding Opportunities: Traders have the chance to earn funding by achieving specific trading objectives in the Trading Combine program.
  3. One Rule Maximum Loss Limit: Traders are provided with the best drawdown in the business and more room to trade through Topstep’s One Rule Maximum Loss Limit, which is based on the end-of-day balance.


  1. Limited Product Range: Traders are only allowed to trade futures products listed on specific exchanges. Other products like stocks, options, Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFDs are not available in the program or platforms.
  2. Limited Platform Options: While Topstep offers its proprietary platform, TopstepX, traders looking for alternative media may need to explore other options.

Unique Offerings

Firm NameTopstep
Program TypeProprietary Trading Firm
Available MarketsFutures only on CME, COMEX, NYMEX, CBOT
Trading CombineSimulated trading program for skill evaluation
Funding OpportunitiesEarn funding upon achieving trading objectives
Disciplined TradingTrading Plan with non-rule violating objectives
Platform OptionsTopstepX (proprietary)
Product RangeLimited to future products
Coaching and ResourcesFree coaching and educational resources

Surge Trader

SurgeTrader is a Forex proprietary trading firm that offers funded trading accounts to traders who pass their audition process. The firm claims to provide traders with a unique opportunity to capitalize on their trading skills and amplify their returns.


  • Unique funding options that allow traders to keep up to 90% of their profits.
  • Three different audition types (1-phase, 2-phase, and lightning) with no time limits and simple rules give traders flexibility.
  • Low-cost audition fees start from $50.
  • A comprehensive trader dashboard that allows traders to track all their trading activity with ease.


  • Limited tradable assets compared to some other funded trading firms.
  • Maximum leverage is capped at 201 for FX and metals, which may be limiting for some traders.
  • Although they claim to have excellent customer service, there are no contact phone numbers provided on the website.
Audition TypeProfit ShareProfit TargetDaily Loss LimitLeverageMax DrawdownTime Limit
1-PhaseUp to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit
2-PhaseUp to 90%Phase 1: 8%, Phase 2: 5%5%Up to 2014%One week
LightningUp to 90%5%5%Up to 2014%Seven days
Account TierProfit ShareProfit TargetDaily Loss LimitLeverageMax DrawdownTime LimitAudition Fee
Starter ($25k)Up to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit$250 – $200
Intermediate ($50k)Up to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit$400 – $300
Seasoned ($100k)Up to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit$700 – $500
Advanced ($250k)Up to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit$1,800 – $1,200
Expert ($500k)Up to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit$3,500 – $2,300
Master ($1M)Up to 90%10%5%Up to 2018%No time limit$6,500

Audacity Capital

Based on the information provided, here is a comprehensive review of Audacity Capital, a top Forex proprietary trading firm:


  1. Funding Programs: Audacity Capital offers multiple funding programs to suit traders with different levels of experience and strategies. These programs include the Ability Challenge, Funded Trader Program, Flex Trader Program, and Pro Trader Program.
  2. Fast Approval: The Funded Trader Program provides approval for live funding within 24 hours, allowing traders to start trading with natural capital quickly.
  3. Profit Sharing: Audacity Capital offers a generous profit-sharing model, with up to 85% profit sharing available in the Ability Challenge for successful participants.
  4. Fast Scaling: Traders have the opportunity to scale up their account balance up to £480,000 by achieving profit targets in the funded programs.


  1. Limited Information: While the website provides an overview of the funding programs and benefits, it lacks specific details about trading conditions, fees, and the firm’s overall trading strategy.
  2. Lack of Reviews and Awards: There is no information available on the website regarding reviews, press features, or awards, which may make it challenging for potential traders to assess the firm’s reputation.

Unique Offerings:

  1. Ability Challenge: Audacity Capital offers the Ability Challenge, a two-step demo process, allowing traders from diverse backgrounds to showcase their skills and access a live account with their chosen size.
  2. No Liability for Losses: In the event of a drawdown in any of their funding programs, traders will be removed from the program without being liable for any losses, providing a safety net for traders.
  3. Access to Premium Liquidity: Audacity Capital uses a liquidity provider that allows for robust market liquidity, fast executions, and tight spreads, providing traders with a favorable trading environment.

Guide to Choosing the Best Forex Prop Firm

When choosing a forex proprietary trading firm, consider the following key factors:

  1. Funding Options: Look for a firm that offers flexible and affordable funding options. Evaluate the firm’s funding programs, profit splits, profit targets, and daily loss limits.
  2. Support and Training: Ensure the firm provides comprehensive support and training resources to help you succeed. Look for educational materials, trading tools, and access to expert advice or mentors.
  3. Trading Conditions: Assess the firm’s trading conditions, including available instruments, leverage, spreads, and execution speed. Ensure they align with your trading style and preferences.
  4. Risk Management: Understand the firm’s risk management strategies. Look for firms that have clear policies regarding trailing drawdowns, stop-loss requirements, and risk mitigation techniques.
  5. Fee Structure: Consider the firm’s fee structure, including evaluation fees, profit splits, and potential refund options. Evaluate the overall cost and value proposition provided.

Tips for Making an Informed Decision:

  • Do thorough research: Read reviews, check online forums, and seek recommendations from experienced traders to gain insights into the firm’s reputation and track record.
  • Understand the evaluation process: Familiarize yourself with the firm’s evaluation requirements, rules, and objectives. Ensure they are realistic and suitable for your trading style.
  • Demo testing: If available, take advantage of any demo or trial account options provided by the firm to test their platform, tools, and trading environment before committing.
  • Compare multiple firms: Don’t settle for the first firm you come across. Compare different proprietary trading firms based on their offerings, conditions, and support to find the best fit.
  • Seek professional advice if needed: If you’re uncertain or lack experience, consider consulting a financial advisor or trading mentor for guidance in selecting a reputable firm.

Forex Proprietary Trading Firms FAQ:

What is a Forex proprietary trading firm?

A Forex proprietary trading firm provides traders with the opportunity to trade firm capital and earn a share of the profits. Traders are usually required to pass an evaluation process before dealing with the firm’s funds.

How does a Forex proprietary trading firm make money?

Forex proprietary trading firms typically make money through a profit-split model. They earn a portion of the profits generated by traders who are trading with the firm’s capital.

What are the benefits of Trading with a Forex proprietary trading firm?

Trading with a proprietary trading firm allows traders to access more considerable trading capital, receive potential funding, and receive a profit split. It can also provide educational resources, support, and mentorship that can enhance a trader’s skills and profitability.

Do I need to have a lot of trading experience to join a Forex proprietary trading firm?

The level of trading experience required varies among different firms. Some firms only accept experienced traders, while others provide training programs for traders with various levels of experience.

How do I choose the best Forex proprietary trading firm?

To choose the best firm, consider factors such as funding options, support, trading conditions, risk management, and fee structure. Conduct thorough research, compare multiple firms, and seek professional advice if needed.


Forex proprietary trading firms offer traders an opportunity to access more significant capital, receive potential funding, and gain support and mentorship. However, choosing the right firm requires careful consideration of various factors, including funding options, support, trading conditions, risk management, and fees. It’s essential to conduct proper research and weigh the pros and cons before venturing into prop trading. Explore further, consider your goals and trading style, and make an informed decision to maximize your chances of success in the world of Forex proprietary trading.

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