Aqua Funded Review

Aqua Funded Review

✔︎ Established in 2023
✔︎ 5 Accounts: $10k-$200k
✔︎ Scaling plan: up to $2 million
✔︎ Daily loss limit: 3%

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Aqua Funded Prop Firm Review

Aqua Funded FZCO, established in December 2023 and headquartered in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE, stands as a promising prop trading firm. 

With founders Jason Blax, Franco Crean, and Sean Bainton at the helm, the firm offers a range of trading challenges ($10,000 to $200,000) tailored for different trader competencies. 

These challenges come in both 1-step and 2-step formats, boasting a high-profit split of 90% and leveraging at 1:100. 

Notably, Aqua Funded FZCO does not charge commission per lot and provides the popular MT5 trading platform, enhancing the trading experience.

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Aqua Funded Prop Firm Coupon Code

At present, there is no information on a specific coupon code for Aqua Funded FZCO. Keep an eye on updates for potential future offers.

About Aqua Funded Prop Firm

Aqua Funded FZCO, with its base in Dubai, UAE, is a relatively new entrant in the prop trading industry. 

Founded by Jason Blax, Franco Crean, and Sean Bainton in December 2023, it offers an innovative approach to prop trading. 

The firm’s strategic location in Dubai Silicon Oasis underscores its commitment to leveraging the region’s growing financial services sector.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Trading Platforms

Aqua Funded FZCO utilizes the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, known for its advanced trading features, tools, and multi-asset support. This choice reflects their commitment to providing traders with a sophisticated yet user-friendly trading environment.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Instruments Offered

The specific instruments available for trading with Aqua-Funded FZCO are not detailed in the provided information. For a comprehensive list, traders should refer directly to the firm’s website or contact their support.

Payment Options at Aqua Funded Prop Firm

Payment method details for Aqua Funded FZCO are not specified. For clarity on whether they accept credit cards, PayPal, or other forms, visiting their website or reaching out to their support is recommended.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Account Sizes

Aqua Funded FZCO offers varied account sizes in their challenges, including $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000 options. This range caters to traders of different levels and preferences.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Profit Splits

Traders benefit from an impressive 90% profit split for all challenges, indicating a generous sharing of success.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Max Daily Drawdown and Loss

The firm imposes a maximum daily loss of 3% for 1-step and 5% for 2-step challenges. The max total loss is restricted to 6% for 1-step and 8% for 2-step challenges.

Aqua Funded Trading Days: Minimum and Maximum

Minimum trading day requirements for Aqua Funded FZCO’s challenges are not specified, offering flexibility to traders.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Challenges and Rules

Aqua Funded FZCO’s challenges range in structure and complexity, with specific rules guiding each. Traders are expected to adhere to these guidelines, which include restrictions on cheating and exploiting demo accounts.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Challenge Steps

In the 1-step challenge, traders focus on meeting a set profit target within defined loss limits. The 2-step challenge involves reaching a decreasing profit target over two phases, testing consistency and strategy adaptability.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Challenge Price

Prices for 1-step challenges start at $58 for a $10,000 account and go up to $747 for a $200,000 account. The 2-step challenges begin at $46 for the smallest account, increasing to $732 for the largest.

Aqua Funded Fees and Commissions

Aqua Funded FZCO stands out with a zero-commission policy across all its trading challenges, which increases its appeal to traders.

Aqua Funded Refundable Fees

The firm offers refundable fees under certain conditions, although specific details are not provided and should be confirmed through their website.

Aqua Funded Free Trial Availability

No free trial is available at Aqua Funded FZCO, focusing instead on real trading experiences.

Aqua Funded Payout Frequency

The firm follows a bi-weekly payout frequency, allowing traders regular access to their earnings.

Aqua Funded Prop Firm Website FAQ section


How do I become funded by AquaFunded?

In order to trade a funded account all traders are required to pass our Evaluation process. Simply select your preferred account size and sign-up for the Evaluation. After completing the Evaluation process, you will be offered a funded account.

How many accounts can I trade?

You can purchase and trade multiple Evaluations at the same time. We allow you to merge funded accounts up to a maximum of 400k. Our scaling plan allows you to grow your account to $2,000,000.

Can I have a free retry?

We have unlimited time to complete the evaluation therefore we do not offer retries.

How do payouts work?

A trader is eligible for a payout 14 days from their first trade on the funded account and then again becomes eligible 14 days after the first trade after withdrawing.

To be eligible for a payout on funded accounts, your account balance must be above initial account balance and no violations recorded. All of the trader’s positions must be flat (no open trades and no open orders) to receive a payout.

The payouts are processed within 1-2 business days. All Funded Traders can request payouts through their dashboard. Withdrawals are made through which allow you to withdraw to Bank and Crypto.

Minimum funded account withdrawal is $100. Minimum affiliate withdrawal is $100.

Do you have a scaling plan?

Yes, we have a scaling plan. With our scaling plan you can grow your account to a maximum of $2,000,000. In order to scale your capital and grow, you must make 12% within a 3 month period. If you achieve this, we will increase your account size by 25% of your initial balance

Is there a breach for inactivity?

We require you to place at least one trade every 30 days. If this is not done we will consider your account inactive and a breach of your account will occur.

This rule begins from your first trade. You will be notified 5 days before the breach.

Am I trading real money?

Aqua Traders’ funded accounts (referred to as “Funded Accounts”) should not be considered live trading accounts. These Funded Accounts exist solely in a simulated environment, utilizing real market quotes sourced from liquidity providers.

All accounts provided by AquaFunded are demo accounts with virtual funds.

Are there any countries we cannot trade from?

Restricted countries from using are services include:- Cuba- Iran- North Korea- Syria- Pakistan- Vietnam- Thailand- Kenya- Myanmar

When does the Evaluation start?

Your Evaluation starts from the moment you place your first trade on your account.

Do I have to pay for my loss?

No. We are responsible for the funding and liable for the losses in your trading account. Our traders will not be charged as a result of losing capital.

Can I leave profits in my account?

Yes, you can leave you profits in your account although your drawdown limits will remain based off your initial balance. You can withdraw your profits anytime after your payout day.

Is the Evaluation Fee refundable?

The Evaluation fee you paid for the account you completed is fully refundable when you receive your first payout. If you fail your evaluation before reaching your first payout it is not refundable.

What is the maximum capital I am allowed?

We allow up to 400k in Funded Accounts. The balance of the funded accounts must both be at breakeven in order to merge. We allow you to scale up to $2,000,000 with our scaling plan.

What happens if I violate a rule or the trading parameters?

If an account violates the rules or trading parameters on the Evaluation the account will become no longer eligible for the funded account. If your account breaches the rules or trading parameters on the funded account your account will be closed, and the Trader Agreement will be terminated.

Please be advised that some violations are not automatically identified and will only be verified by our risk team when an account review is conducted.

How to become an Affiliate?

You can sign up to become an affiliate once inside the dashboard. Payouts are every 14 days from the first sale. You can request the withdrawal once generated over $30 in commission via the dashboard.

You are not allowed to run google ads to your affiliate link.


Can I hold overnight & trade over weekends?

We have no restrictions on holding trades over night or the weekend. Weekend crypto trading is allowed.

Do you allow Hedging, Martingale and No Stop Loss?

– Hedging is allowed on the same account
– Martingale is allowed
– Stop Loss is not required

Is copy trading allowed?

We give traders the opportunity to manage multiple accounts. Copy trading is allowed at our client’s disposal and only from personal accounts that are legally bound to the account holder.

What we allow:
– Copy trading between AquaFunded accounts;
– Copy trading from Funded-, to Evaluation accounts and vice versa;
– Copy trading between AquaFunded account and external accounts.

Is Max drawdown Trailing or Static?

The drawdown for the 1-step evaluation is trailing.

Do you have a consistency/hidden rule?

No, we do not have any consistency rule or hidden rules.

Is News Trading allowed?

Yes, we allow news trading.

For trades executed on your FUNDED ACCOUNT, 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after red folder (high-impact) news events, we ask that you limit your risk exposure to no more than 25% of your account balance (1/4 margin). Profits made during this time with a 25%+ margin could be subject to removal but no account violation.

Are EAs & Trade Copiers allowed?

EAs are allowed. You may use EAs (Expert Advisors) that you setup to suit your own strategy or trading style. Trade Copiers are allowed.

Is there a max lot limit?

No, we do not monitor the amount of lots you place.

Other Rules

Cheating Is Prohibited

‍Of course, any trading styles that are deemed as “cheating” are not permitted and will result in a violation of our Terms of Service. For this reason, it is against our rules to take advantage of strategies that generate risk-free, consistent profits only on demo accounts. Our Funded Traders are expected to be trading on their accounts as if they are live accounts. Any use of a strategy that takes advantage of demo accounts will result in the closure of a Funded Trader’s account, whether in the evaluation phase or while funded.

‍Example Strategies That Violate Our Rules

– Use of platform or data freezing due to a Demo Server error.

– Use of a delayed data feed

– Trading on delayed charts

– Tick scalping, high-frequency trading, arbitrage bots

– Reverse arbitrage

– Latency arbitrage

– Hedge arbitrage or any emulators are prohibited.

These are the most common strategies that we have seen people use to take advantage of demo accounts, though this list does not represent all possible strategies that would go against our trading rules. If any account is seen to be using unfair strategies or an unrealistic trading style, they will not be eligible to be funded.

‍Changing of Password

‍The exact password has to be used which was sent by us via email to access the platform. Changing passwords is not allowed.

Profit Split: up to 90%
Accounts: $10k-$200k
Challenge: 2-phase, no time limit

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Aqua Funded Review