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If you think that Forex industry will not advance even more in future, you are wrong! As a matter of fact things with the market become more and more advance. And the mobile Forex trading experience is a proof for this point of view! Indeed, with the mobile alternative being integrated right next to the traditional online activity the entire audience receives an exclusive offer. The offer is the opportunity for you and for all the traders across the world – beginners or high punters – to trade in a most convenient for them time. If you choose the mobile Forex trading you can easily trade from your favorite mobile device wherever you are and whatever time you want. Imagine you become extra skilful in Forex experience and you do not want to miss even a single chance to double or increase even more your profits, but your are on your way back home from the office or on a vacation, where you do not have a PC. Forex mobile option solves your problem immediately! You get out your smartphone from your pocket and you can immediately trade. Forex mobile apps simplify the trading activity by making it more flexible! No more losses of extra profitable opportunities. You can from now on be capable to trade anywhere and anytime! And what else can be better than this?

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How Does the Forex Mobile Trading Work?

Many of you will probably think that mobile Forex trading is something completely different than we all know from the ordinary online trading activity. We have great news for you, friends – Forex mobile trading is not just the same as the trading from your personal computer, but also much simpler and more convenient. But to calm you down, let us tell you in brief how exactly the Forex mobile trading works.

  • You need to own a mobile device like an iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone, iPad or a tablet.
  • Strong and reliable internet connection is a must to secure your faultless trading activity.
  • You also need to download some of the available Forex mobile apps. Keep in mind t that most of them are 100% free. Of course, there are mobile apps for Forex trading that are paid. Consider them, too, because some of them are quite attractive with their interesting options.
  • Install the app on the mobile device you will use for mobile Forex trading. The installation in general is simple and does not require any special skills or programming talents. Moreover – most of the popular Forex mobile apps are made to be installed in few minutes only.
  • Use your current account. Here is where you need to know that in case you have a valid account and official registration in a particular website and it has a mobile version for Forex trading, you do not have to make a new account to use it for your mobile device.
  • Trade on your go with your device! If you perform the previous 5 steps, you can proceed with your real mobile Forex trading experience the way you used to trade from your PC or laptop.

As you can see there is nothing either scary, or difficult in mobile Forex trading. So you should definitely consider this option – especially if you are a passionate trader, who does not want to miss any chance to increase his profits or testing a new trading strategy on the foreign currency exchange market.

Why to Try Forex Mobile Trading Option?

You might ask us why exactly you need to try the Forex mobile trading. And your question will be completely logical. Checking out the next list of strong points you can estimate for your own – is the Forex trading on a mobile device really so beneficial, interesting, simple, preferable and recommended?

  • Mobile trading gives you freedom. As we have already told you, the Forex mobile apps provide you the full freedom to trade all the time and from any place in the world. A smartphone, internet connection and installed app are all you need to do so.
  • Flexibility. Who doesn’t need flexibility, when it comes to work? And many traders accept trading on Forex market as their second job? And as you know most of the second additional job positions are actually distanced – just like the mobile Forex trading!
  • Big experts from the field recommend mobile trading. Since you are a beginner listening to the pieces of advices coming straight from the big pros is a must. And here`s what – they all say that mobile trading is really the future of the Forex market! So do not hesitate and try it, too!
  • Additional bonuses. Once you install the Forex mobile apps you prefer on your mobile device, you can use your current accounts in the different brokers (such as AvaTrade, eToro, and XM), which offer mobile options. Though, you receive a chance to apply for new bonuses – mobile Forex trading bonuses, which by the way, should not be underestimated at all.
  • Simple and free! Mobile Forex trading is simple and free, so there is nothing bad to try and test it, right! Those, who get new opportunities, are actually those, who usually become successful!

What are The Best Forex Mobile Apps?


We have reached the most important question and as your ultimate guiders we are obliged to answer you. Giving you an exact opinion what the best Forex mobile apps are might not be very wise, though. It is very important for you to decide on your own. We have mentioned it when we were speaking about bonuses and here our logical is the same. Instead of telling you which app to choose, we will list you the best ones and what is more important – the most reliable and simplest ones! We do not claim that we offer the full list, yet we do check every single broker and platform that check so count on us for the most up to date and eliable information about the best mobile trading apps

  • Trading Station App – This app is designed for iPhone and iPad users and if you want to use such a mobile device for your flexible activity on the go, too, we strongly recommend it to you. It comes with as bunch of additional extensions to bring in and make your experience easy and profitable!
  • MetaTrader 4 – The best software for trading in general has its own mobile version. So if you prefer the classical choice, get the mobile MetaTrader 4. It is suitable for all kinds of mobile devices – including those, who operate with iOS, Windows Mobile and Android operative systems. Keep in mind that this app is free and allows you to become a real pro on the Forex market since it provides news streaming, cost-free analysis and additional tools to integrate in your experience.
  • FXCM – This trading system allows you to trade on mobile device that works with iOS and Android. It does not cost anything, but it is now considered to be the most fully-featured mobile app. It offers you about 56 currency pairs, pinch-and-zoom technique and many other additional optons.
  • General Forex Trading Apps – If you want to get connected by the official mobile software of the broker you use, you will not be wrong. On the contrary – this is a wise decision since you will preserve all your settings and options from the desktop version of your account. Almost all the Forex brokers, which offer mobile trading, provide an additional mobile app to be installed and used as an entrance to the fantastic mobile Forex activity!

As a conclusion, we must say that Forex mobile trading and Forex mobile apps provide you numerous benefits. If you are an active mobile device user, then you really need to consider installing such an app either on your tablet, or on your smartphone. Be aware that the bonuses we have mentioned are not the only additional extras you receive by going from the online to the mobile version of a particular Forex broker. On the contrary – you will be offered a full pack of tools and features to consider. Our big piece of advice is to test them all, because still mobile trading has some differences in comparison to online trading. And with these extras, additional options and special features you will be completely able to manage your account in a fastest and most convenient way! Do not miss to join the mobile Forex trading experience now! See how easy it could be to win money even when you are in the store, in the elevator or even while you are on a sweet vacation! Do not forget to share your first impressions and personal expectations from mobile trading, too!

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