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The Central Bank of UAE is United Arab Emirates’ primary bank that oversees a multitude of economic factors that contribute to the smooth operation of the country’s financial landscape. The Central Bank is responsible for its national currency, the UAE Dirham (AED), monetary and fiscal policies, regulation of financial entities including banks, and for ensuring that the UAE economy operates according to the standards set forward by the Government. CBUAE is a highly respected organization that has a well-defined framework that regulates financial entities according to the rules designed as per global standards. CBUAE also regulates brokers and other financial institutions dealing in the securities market for both local as well as international exchanges. CBUAE regulated brokers are allowed to offer CFD products such as Forex, commodities, and other OTCs as per the CBUAE guidelines, and all products must be approved by the agency before they can be provided to the investors. Forex brokers in United Arab Emirates are also required to follow the numerous Sharia laws of trading since the UAE follows Islamic beliefs and are required by their religious beliefs.

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Why Does A Central Bank Regulate Forex Brokers In UAE?

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The UAE has several different regulatory authorities in the region, but the Central Bank is the primary regulatory organization that has the job of regulating banks as well as companies that act as an intermediary in monetary transactions. Unlike the more liberal countries that have independent self-regulatory organizations, UAE has a hands-on approach to regulating firms by carefully scrutinizing the conduct of companies to ensure that they follow all the laws of the nation without affecting the sentiments of the local citizens. UAE only allows businesses to set up shop in the country if they are sponsored by a local UAE national who should hold at least a 51% majority stake in the company. CBUAE regulated brokers require UAE nationals to hold at least 60% stake in the brokerage to be able to receive a valid Central Bank license. Therefore, all onshore Forex brokers in the country should have local nationals as its chief representatives and are required to follow all rules as clearly stipulated in the CBUAE guidelines. On the other hand, companies may set up external brokerage agencies under the DIFC, which allow complete foreign ownership of Forex brokerages without having any local representatives on the company’s board. Although independent brokers can operate under the more liberal DIFC rules, the specific guidelines for broker operations and other aspects of regulatory frameworks are still implemented by the CBUAE. Therefore, the Central Bank of UAE may be considered as the final authority on all aspects related to governing and supervising financial firms operating in the country.

The Evolution Of CBUAE’s Regulatory Guidelines

The Central Bank of UAE was conceived in 1973 after the country started witnessing a great globalization due to the discovery of its oil reserves. Initially, the country used to use external currencies from Qatar and Bahrain as its main currencies; however, all that changed when the Central Bank of UAE started circulating the UAE Dirham (AED) as its main legal tender for all transactions. Over the years, the Central Bank of UAE grew in power and stature to be recognized as one of the leading global banks, and the UAE started gaining recognition as one of the most advanced economies in the world. Traditionally, the Central Bank of UAE was known to be highly conservative and was known to proactively limit the freedom provided to individual investors as well as retail traders for accessing the global financial markets. However, once the country recognized its potential in the international financial markets, the UAE Government started adopting several new policies and regulatory guidelines that allowed foreign investors to flock to the region to cash in on the wealthy and affluent community that has high net worth than most countries. Forex trading also received widespread attention from investors from the UAE, which started a torrent of Forex brokers moving to the UAE to cater to the ultra-rich individuals of the Middle-East. However, the lack of any regulatory guidelines for any overseas brokers led to massive losses from investors, which in turn resulted in the intervention from the Government to curb any potential scam brokers from taking advantage of the lack of guidelines. The CBUAE is considered to be one of the primary agencies that changed the financial landscape of the UAE to allow CBUAE Forex brokers to provide Forex brokerage services under a CBUAE license. The CBUAE is a Government institution that covers all seven Emirates that constitute the UAE. The different Emirates in the UAE have their internal laws and policies, but the overall governance and regulations fall upon the capital nation of Abu Dhabi, which is also the home of the Central Bank. CBUAE has its representative branches across all the Emirates but has its core operational framework in Abu Dhabi. The CBUAE creates legislation, modifies its rules, and create a uniform code of conduct that becomes the standard rule of practice to be adopted by all members regulated by the CBUAE guidelines.

Are There Any Specific Guidelines For CBUAE Regulated Brokers?

Apart from the basic regulatory guidelines that determine the ownership of a brokerage, the CBUAE has also instructed a minimum capital requirement for brokers as well as financial institutions. The minimum paid up capital is directly related to the business activities and the amount of transactions conducted by the broker. Therefore, the CBUAE can stipulate a paid up capital that can start from one million AED to anywhere in the region of 30 million AED according to the broker-specific volumes. CBUAE Forex brokers should create regular independent audit reports through certified professionals and submit them to the CBUAE to ensure that the broker has a clear financial history. The CBUAE has authoritative powers to investigate a firm’s operations and award penalties or sanctions if companies are found to be in breach of their regulatory guidelines. Forex brokers don’t usually deviate from the terms and conditions outlined in their licenses, as the Government authorities of UAE are known to be impartial and highly strict about safeguarding their laws. Traders from the UAE do benefit from the excellent regulatory oversight provided by the CBUAE on Forex brokers in the United Arab Emirates. Some traders may feel that the existing trading conditions may not suit their retail trading style; however, some Forex brokers work with the UAE authorities to provide special retail trading accounts to suit smaller traders. Always ensure that a broker offers you an excellent package before making an investment, as it is always better to know about your trading environment before investing in the risky FX markets.

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