Financial Security Offered By CMVM Forex Brokers In Portugal

The Portuguese Republic is one of the oldest members of the European Union and an integral part of Eurozone that is home to a healthy economy and an excellent environment for businesses. The Portuguese market is highly conducive to alternative investments such as Forex and CFD trading, which enables the native population to invest in different instruments for a varied investment portfolio. Forex regulation is an important part of the European economy that requires all member nations of the Eurozone to adhere to the derivatives set forward by the MiFID for supervision of all financial entities in the continent. The Portuguese Government is also keen on improving the overall safety aspects of trading in the FX markets, which is achieved by issuing various regulatory guidelines that determine the standard code of conduct applicable to all Forex brokers in Portugal. Forex broker regulation is carried out by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission, which is officially known as the Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (CMVM). CMVM is an established regulatory authority that has complete financial and supervisory autonomy for regulating different financial entities in the market. CMVM came into existence in 1991 and is responsible for monitoring the conduct of all individuals as well as firms operating in the securities and financial markets. CMVM is the sole authority that presides over the functioning of the Portuguese stock exchange, and every member associated with the equity markets come under the direct regulatory powers of the CMVM. CMVM, being an entirely independent organization, derives its funds for operations through membership fees and fines imposed on regulated companies for their lack of adherence to CMVM guidelines. The CMVM does not seek funds from the Government for any of its operations, which makes it highly oriented towards the safety of consumers and protection of investor rights without using taxpayer money. The CMVM is built according to the international guidelines as well as the EU policies adopted for regulations, and the CMVM is known to have more in common with the SEC of the US than any of its neighboring regulators in the EU.

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Should You Trade With CMVM Regulated Brokers?

logo cmvmCMVM Forex brokers offer great opportunities for investors from Portugal and its surrounding regions that are looking for a local FX company for their trading needs. The Portuguese Republic is a stable member of the EU with a high affinity towards ensuring consumer rights, which makes it an excellent option for both local as well as foreign investors to deal with Forex brokers in Portugal. Forex brokers regulated by the CMVM can cater to the entire European audience under the EEA initiative, which allows all Portuguese companies to function in other regions without setting up individual representative offices. Consequently, the Portuguese Government also allows brokers domiciled in the EU and regulated by a MiFID authorized regulatory agencies to offer their services to Portuguese consumers without any additional CMVM license. There are several Forex brokers and financial companies that have an established presence in the Portuguese Republic. The relatively safe economy and its European heritage offer significant incentives for businesses to set up their base of operations in one of the most important countries of the European Union. As far as the safety and security of a trader’s funds are concerned, CMVM regulated Forex brokers should provide an extra sense of protection against broker scams and financial irregularities.

CMVM’s History With Unauthorized Forex Brokers

The CMVM is a highly reputed organization that concentrates its efforts on creating a safe marketplace that does not make any compromises on the protection of its investors. However, the CMVM had come under fire from several sectors regarding controversies related to the several financial scams perpetrated by brokers that claim to be regulated by the CMVM. Several local, as well as international FX traders, have reported about facing financial abuse at the hands of CMVM regulated brokers, and these firms were supposed to have indulged in serious financial crimes across the world. However, after extensive investigations performed by the CMVM, it was found that the majority of broker scams were carried out by unauthorized brokers that weren’t related to the CMVM in any manner. CMVM started issuing notices and circulars to warn traders against all companies that were illegally operating in the country without a CMVM license. The CMVM even started initiating strict actions and penalties against all non-licensed entities, and regulated members also faced grave consequences if they failed to adhere to the CMVM guidelines.

CMVM’s Regulatory Guidelines

CMVM has issued regulated guidelines in agreement with the principles outlined by the Portuguese Government and the European regulatory authorities. The general guidelines such as holding funds in segregated accounts, minimum capital requirements, and submitting audit reports are standard for CMVM regulated brokers. Apart from these standard guidelines, CMVM Forex brokers are also required to have a complaint resolution process that should be able to resolve all disputes with its client either directly, or through the intervention of the CMVM. The CMVM is the final authority on consumer protection, and there aren’t any independent ombudsman services that are usually offered by other leading European economies. The CMVM does not interfere with the monetary policies of the Government, as the Central Bank of Portugal is responsible for issuing policies and fiscal measures that contribute towards the development of the Portuguese economy. However, CMVM is indeed part of the International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO) and the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR), which together formulates the entire financial sector in the EU, including the banking sector.

How To Choose Forex Brokers In Portugal Carefully

Fraudulent brokers carry out their activities by advertising false regulatory information that includes fake permit numbers and other accompanying information. At first glance, the regulatory information might seem genuine, but the CMVM warns investors about verifying the information before proceeding with a broker’s services. The CMVM provides an excellent online resource that enables traders to ascertain the authenticity of a broker by cross-referencing the license information with the information available on the website. Most dealer scams can be avoided by due diligence, which is what the CMVM promotes among its consumers. The CMVM also offers a useful platform that allows consumers to report any financial crimes to the relevant authorities, which guarantees severe action against the perpetrators. New and improved regulatory supervision along with more transparency in the CMVM’s operational framework allows the organization to offer more security to its traders. In the current European financial markets, CMVM is certainly a trusted agency that does not make any compromises on the safety aspects of regulating the financial market. Therefore, you can be assured of receiving high-quality support and assistance from Portuguese Forex brokers, and enjoy complete peace of mind.