FSB Forex Brokers in South Africa

South Africa is turning out to be an incredibly popular destination for Forex brokers, which is witnessed by a huge surge in the number of Forex brokers in South Africa under the FSB regulation. The Financial Services Board is an independent component of the South African Government that acts as the country’s top regulator for all non-banking financial firms in South Africa, which includes companies dealing in securities, investments, insurances, stock exchanges, OTC, and CFD markets. South African Forex brokers are providing to be highly popular in the region, as a broad range of FSB regulated brokers has been reporting significant earnings over the past few years.

Why Is South Africa A Major Attraction For Investors & FX Brokers?

fsb logoSouth Africa is the most developed nation on the African continent that has a great relationship with other large economies and developing countries of the world due to its geographic location as well as its liberal political views. South Africa is observing an enormous amount of influx of foreign investments from numerous multinational organizations as well as high-profile investors, especially due to a stable political environment and a thriving economy. The South African Government does its fair share in advertising the country as an investment-friendly nation to global investors and encourages companies to set up camp in South Africa to enjoy numerous benefits. FSB is considered by many organizations as well as investors to have a stringent set of guidelines aimed at improving the efficiency of the South African financial system. Although the FSB has an amazingly effective legal framework, it cannot be considered to be as effective as the FCA (UK) or the NFA (US). Therefore, FSB’s relatively lower regulatory requirements help companies to incorporate their Forex brokerage in the country by satisfying lesser regulatory conditions, which further enable brokers to reduce their operational expenses and enjoy more revenue.

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How Does FSB Forex Brokers Cater To South African Traders?

The FSB of South African has been quite active over the past few years and has been proactively regulating all financial participants in various non-banking sectors to ensure that they protect the interest of the consumer in the South African market. The core mission of the FSB is to protect investors from losing their money to scams and financial malpractices while reducing the instances of consumer abuse at the hands of unethical companies. FSB promotes a free and open market that operates transparently to safeguard the integrity of the South African financial system, without any interference from a single party or a group of organizations with malicious intent. FSB has made it mandatory for all financial institutions to be regulated and supervised by the FSB to provide their services to South African citizens. It is currently illegal for any overseas financial company to provide their services to investors from South Africa without proper authorizations and a valid license from the FSB. FSB has also introduced various laws and regulations for their local investors that prevent traders from trading at overseas brokers. As a result, more mainstream companies and Forex brokers are setting up their local brokerage in South African cities to take advantage of a stable economy and a willing group of Forex traders looking to invest in the FX markets. The FSB is committed to levying unlimited fines and issuing strict penalties against any financial firms that operate in South Africa without a valid FSB license. FSB is also severe in its policies against introducing brokers or affiliates that operate on behalf of overseas brokers without the necessary authentications or approval. The new regulations have indeed helped the regulatory organization to enable traders to invest their money with FSB Forex brokers in South Africa, which not only allows to reduce the number of broker scams but also help investors to enjoy peace of mind while dealing with local brokers. FSB regulated brokers are also free to offer their services to the entire African continent, which allows brokers to cater to a larger audience through an FSB license. Several parts of the African continent are riddled with inconsistent Governing policies and relatively unstable economies, which provides further incentive for Forex brokers to set up their brokerage in South Africa and cater to other parts of Africa without setting up individual brokerages in other areas of the continent.

FSB’s Relationship With The Investor

The South African Government introduced FSB as a part of its initiative to curb the rising number of financial scams and to provide an excellent platform for investors to register their complaints against financial malpractices. FSB has been immensely successful in creating an excellent relationship with South African investors by bringing down instances of consumer abuse and financial malpractices to a large extent. FSB also provides several opportunities for consumers to contact the FSB directly for any complaints, and also ensures that all financial crimes are treated severely to protect the investor. FSB is home to some of the most high-profile Forex brokers in the industry. A large number of global Forex brokers have their presence in South Africa through representative branch offices and have received authorizations from the FSB to operate as a Forex brokerage in South Africa as well as the entire continent. FSB regulated brokers tend to provide better services to its traders by keeping funds in segregated accounts and by offering high levels of safety and security against financial malpractices. Therefore, investors can be assured of receiving excellent support by choosing FSB Forex brokers in South African for trading the Forex markets.

Can I Trade Forex With Overseas Brokers?

FSB has restricted traders from investing in the markets through any companies other than South African Forex brokers regulated by the FSB. Therefore, it is impossible to trade with any international broker without FSB’s consent. Nevertheless, the FSB has not banned any online websites or cut off international brokers entirely, which allows traders to open a trading account illegally. Regardless of the availability of many international options, FSB will penalize introducing brokers, affiliates, and any other financial firms that operate without any official FSB license. Therefore, it is safe to assume that as a South African citizen, you cannot trade the Forex markets with international brokers. Finding an FSB Forex broker shouldn’t be a worry as most mainstream brokers have their branches in the country. Most of these FX brokers provide FX products that are provided to international traders, which include higher leverage, lower trading capital, numerous deposit/withdrawal options, and competitive spreads. FSB regulation provides an extra layer of security over the broker’s existing global regulatory status, which further increases the reputation of South African brokers in the FX trading community. It is always a better idea for traders in South Africa to choose an FSB regulated broker rather than opting for an international broker that does not have a valid FSB license.