Everything You Need to Know About Deposit Bonuses

Trading bonuses in Forex brokers today are many. You can even choose your next broker by a comparison which website offers the best promotions at this very particular moment. Apart from these, there are few bonuses that are claimed to be the most preferred and loved offers by the audience. Such a bonus, for instance, is the Forex deposit bonus. This is not just a preferable bonus, on the other side, but also, a very common bonus and you can meet it in most websites you visit. But let`s talk about Forex deposit bonus in a more detailed way in this following article now!

What Is Forex Bonus in General?

Before understanding what Forex deposit bonus is it is essential for you – especially if you are a beginner in trading experience – to understand what is Forex bonus in general. Forex bonus is always determined as a particular gift that the trading platform or website provides to its clients. Usually, the Forex bonuses are exclusive or seasonal (settled for a particular period of time) special offer. In general, Forex bonus types are also known by the name of a promotion. In all cases, this is a reward given by the broker with no requirement for the trader to pay for it. Still, even if you think that any Forex bonus is zero-cost, note that this is not the entire truth.
Thus, in many cases a Forex bonus might require from you to make a deposit – like the Forex bonus we are now talking about – to have a particular amount of trades or a certain sum of invested money during your experience on the website. Forex bonus can vary not only by the exceptional or regular time it is offered, but also by the reason it is offered. So if you are a regular customer, you will receive the loyalty VIP bonus, but if you are newcomer on the website, you will get the welcome sign up (also a kind of deposit bonus) offer. Regular customer usually get the Forex deposit bonuses.

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What Is Forex Deposit Bonus?

forex deposit bonusThe deposit bonus in Forex trading is a bonus that refers to your deposit. On the other side, the deposit is the investment you make on the particular broker website. You can do it via the listed on the trading page payment methods such as bank wire transfer, Skrill or credit card, for instance. In all cases, the deposit is an amount of money and the Forex deposit bonus depends on it. Usually, the broker presents the Forex deposit bonus as % – 100% is the best Forex deposit bonus, while 50 % is the most commonly met Forex deposit bonus. So, to understand how Forex deposit bonus works, here is one example. You are in X broker, where the Forex deposit bonus is 50%. Your deposit is $ 100, because the minimum deposit amount requirement here is this amount. When you invest it, though, you will not have only $ 100, but you will get $ 150 in your e-wallet in the X broker account.

Types of Forex Deposit Bonuses

There are several types of Forex deposit bonuses. Here are the most common ones. It is essential for you to know each of them, as well as to read each broker`s bonus terms and conditions. Trading platforms are allowed to establish their own rules, so do not expect to meet the same Forex deposit bonus conditions in each broker you meet on your trading experience.

  • Welcome Forex deposit bonus – As you can guess by its name, this is a bonus that is given only to newly registered customers on the website. They are usually offered with the highest Forex deposit bonus types. Once you make a registration on the broker`s website, claim for the welcome Forex deposit bonus. When you start making trades, your possibility for this offer expires.
  • Ordinary Forex deposit bonus – On the contrary – according to this Forex deposit bonus rules, you will get money as compliment from the broker every next time you make a deposit. Of course, due to this advantage you the bonus amount is in most cases limited to 50%. Still, such a bonus can significantly increase your e-wallet each time you invest in your trading activity.
  • No deposit bonus in Forex brokers – This is the opposite of the standard Forex deposit bonus. First of all, it is given only to newly arrived customers on the website. Second of all, it has nothing to do with your plans on to how much to invest in the beginning. Such a bonus is given to your even regardless you make or not the investment. For this purpose, it is not measured in %, but it represents a particular amount of money. The amount varies from $ 20 to even $ 200.

Forex deposit bonus is both – the most common and the most preferred bonus, so why then you do not take benefits of it?

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