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When it comes to Forex trading, many things matters. As a beginner each of you will need to learn the basic rules in advance. Also, you must also have a strategy to follow. The strategy in the Forex trading experience gives you more confidence, when you begin the real activity online, via your mobile device or live. Though, these are not the only things you should pay attention on. Have you considered how important the Forex platform you use is? If you haven’t, you should. The type of the platform suggest how easy will be for you to orient in the broker`s environment, which will eventually will make your experience either simple, or difficult. Keep in mind that software type and platform type are the same things. In both cases, we mean the software that the particular Forex broker website uses and integrates as public for the entire audience. And since we are here to give you hand in the toughest moments of your beginning trading experience, today we are about to assist you in finding the best Forex platforms on the web. Note that naming the best software is difficult, because everyone has his or her own opinion about each feature or the entire environment. Though, we will at least make it simpler for you to discover the beneficial options look for, when you choose the broker and the platform it uses. Last, but not least, always test the environment in a broker by using the demo account. Save for showing you the main options on the website, it will give you a slight idea how good the platform is, too.

Our Recommended Forex Brokers

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What are the Forex Platform Types

There are many Forex platforms across the web. Naming them all means pointing each of the brokers, because some of them have integrated their own platforms, but others use the most popular. Though, we are here to explain you the main categories, when it comes to different Forex platform types:

  • According to the Forex trading activity, a platform can be either ordinary online or mobile. The ordinary software is either made for downloading and installation. It can be paid and free of charge. Many of you will consider the cost-free software as more beneficial, but do not underestimate the paid platforms, either. They have additional options that could simplify your first steps in Forex trading. As to the mobile platforms, they are installed on a mobile device – smartphone on Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile, iPhone or iPad, tables. To get such a platform for Forex mobile trading, you need either to download for free an app.
  • According to the cost – free of paid. If you are a beginner, better use the free options. Once you become more advanced in the field, you can invest more money and try some extra exclusive paid software type.
  • According to the origin. There are popular universal Forex trading platforms such as the famous MetaTrader, for instance, and specially tailored platforms for particular websites. For example, eToro broker uses its own platform.
  • According to the type of integration. There are web-based browser-styled platforms, but many brokers integrate software for installation, too. Keep in mind that the second types are not difficult to be installed and they do not require any skills in programming or IT talents. Be aware that the web-based Forex platforms, though, are less reliable than those, which need downloading and installation.

How to Determine which is the Best Forex Platform?

As we have already mentioned it for you, it is impossible for us to give you an exact answer for this question. It could be more helpful for you to learn the questions you should ask yourself in a search of a best Forex platform. The answers will lead you to the best Forex platforms according to your personal preferences and requirements:

  • How much does it cost? – If the platform is free and famous in the Forex field, the platform is definitely worth it to be checked out and tested. However, the some of the paid software types are quite great with their amazing pack of additional and helpful features, too. Still, the Forex broker trading software types, which are paid, does not cost a lot – up to 10, 20, 30 or 40 $, which are not big sums after all!
  • online forex platformsWhat are the technical indicators on the platform? – In other words, see if the software type suits your device characteristics. Then, see if the options on the platform are good enough to make your Forex trading experience really intriguing and profitable.
  • What is the software type? – Some customers prefer software types for downloading, but others will want just the ordinary web-based platforms. Make up your mind and decide what the best option for you is.
  • Can you trade from the charts? – If you can trade from the charts, the Forex software is more than just modern and useful. Though, there are yet many great software types that do no have such, but many other additional options that are worth it to be considered.
  • What are the additional extras? – Look for a software that has the following strong points: steaming of current Forex trading news, free tutorials and education, availability of robotic trading option and etc. If you prefer these options, the popular and most reputable and reliable MetaTrader 4 Forex trading platform is the one for you.
  • Is the software of the types that has API that provides a chance for additional software to be integrated?

If the answer is positive, then such a browser will be quite great for traders, who want to use one account for one broker and trade both – online and mobile! The mobile platforms, by the way, give you chance to trade with your current online account, but offer you brand new Forex broker bonus offers that are worth it to be tried!

Which are the Current Best Forex Platforms?

And since you need to start with from somewhere, we offer you our improvising chart for Top 10 Best Forex Platforms. Check out them and be sure that whatever you choose from them, will be ok for you. Also do not forget to use their mobile versions, too, because the mobile software types makes you flexible in your Forex trading activity and permits you to trade from any place and at the most convenient for you time. But let`s go on with our chart now:

Our Recommended Forex Brokers

*Trading bonus are not eligible for clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd< and Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd

Whatever your final choice will be, we strongly recommend you to choose some of these Forex trading platforms. Of course, many other platforms can be added to the list of best Forex platforms, too. Though, checking them out and testing them will require time and energy. Probably, you do not have enough free time or money to invest for tests, so you should definitely better rely on our suggestions.

As a conclusion, we remind you once again – the Forex trading platform is a top feature for both – the profitable and faultless Forex experience and the reliability of the broker. And here`s how we will prove it for you. As you know a Forex broker review is also good to be read before signing in a website, right? Well, in each of our detailed Forex brokers review we do not just mention the Forex broker software type, but we also explain how each platform works. Save for the general info like whether the platform needs to be downloaded or it is web-based, there are also additional facts you might be interested in – the extras, options and conveniences a platform provides you. Last, but not least, the best options a good platform might provide you are the following: intuitive interface, easiness for the operation regardless if the trader is new or advanced in the field, streaming of hot current Forex news, availability of robotic trading option and of course the free tutorials and educations. So, be brave and wise enough, when it comes to choosing your Forex broker software type! And do not forget to share your personal impressions of your individual chart of best Forex trading platforms.