Rebate Bonuses for Forex Trading

Whether you are good or bad in financial trading, you need to reconcile with the fact that in Forex, there is both – victory and failure. So no matter how great your analytic skills are, do not forget that sometimes, you can lose and there is nothing bad in this. But as you know quite well, Forex trading is not a standard or common financial activity. And sometimes, when you lose, you actually win. Forex rebates are such trading instruments. They bring win, when loss comes. Here is more information about them and how they exactly work.

Finding out what Forex rebates are

Some of you might think that Forex rebates are kinds of assets. But they are not! On the other side, other traders believe that Forex rebates are trading instruments. They are a bit closer to the right answer. However, actually, Forex rebates are popular by the name of rebate pips. OK, now do you think off something familiar or you haven`t heard of them? Well, if no, then we are forced to explain you more about Forex rebates as you are beginners in the field and there is nothing bad about it. Actually, if you meet the rebate pips now and you are a beginner, you are already a winner. Because once you understand what they are, you `ll be happy to find out that there are such things out there – among the different global Forex brokers. Forex rebates, dear traders, are actually kinds of bonuses. You can find them in a broker`s promotion or bonus section – or next to Forex no deposit bonus, Forex refer a friend program and etc. The thing is that Forex rebates are indeed a bit more complicated, but once you find out how they work you will be thrilled to start using the right away.

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The essence behind the rebate pips from the standard Forex broker pages

Forex rebates are pips or elements of a bonus, one bonus. They are not few types of special offers or promotions, but parts of one bonus. This is how it works: you get some money – either as a % of some amount or an exact amount of money – due to some specific or fixed activity on the page. According on the broker`s conditions, these are the types of Forex rebates you can meet. So these are the two methods rebate pips actually are put into force:

  • Forex rebates for a trade

If your Forex rebates are made to correspond to your trades, then you receive a bonus of a certain %. For instance, it is 50%. This means that anytime you make a trade on this website, your account will be credited with 50% of your trade stake amount regardless the fact whether you will eventually win, or no. So you trade 50 USD and you have 50% Forex rebates. If this was your last money in your Forex broker account and you trade is loss, you will remain with 25 USD due to the rebate pips.

  • Forex rebates for a loss

Traders tend to love these types of rebate pips, because they let them win even if they lose. How can this happen? The terms and conditions of this type of a bonus let you return (like a cash back bonus) a certain amount of your loss. Imagine you are provided with 100% Forex rebates and you trade 50 USD, but this was your last available money in your account and you lose. Eventually, you will remain with the same amount you had before making the trade, or 50 USD.
Forex rebates

How to use Forex rebates?

Below you will see what you need to do in order to use your Forex rebates. The pips, though, in different websites have their own individual rules or terms and conditions to follow. These are only the basics behind the essence of Forex rebates you need to know in advance. Later, you should on mandatory read the website`s rebate rules, as well.
You need to have an official registration of a certain broker. You cannot use some other`s broker`s pip rebates, if you do not complete its registration form – including the verifying part.
You must open an official account, which means that you have to already have deposited your primary deposit according to its minimum requirement.
You need to make a trade and only then the credited amount of your Forex rebates will be inserted in your Forex broker e-wallet.

Tips for finding a good Forex broker with Forex rebates

Trust us, this is not a difficult task at all. First of all, find out if you own Forex broker offers it. Also, you can use Google and to search the results by the keywords “Forex rebates” or “rebate pips”. In all cases, do not forget, that this is a type of a cash back bonus. So use cash back bonus keywords, too, and you can find the pips right away!
There are many Forex broker bonus rebates you can browse in the web! Find them today and make sure you test how they work!