How Does ActTrader Forex Brokers Compare To Other Popular Trading Platforms?

acttrader logoTrading platforms are vital to Forex trading, and a good trading platform is considered as the ultimate tool that can decide the success of a trader in the Forex market. There aren’t really that many Forex trading platforms in the market; however, there are several third-party platforms that are adopted by a majority of Forex brokers in the market. MetaTrader is the most popular trading platform in the world for several reasons and is often considered as the best trading platform for the Forex markets. MT4 and MT5 do have several shortcomings and drawbacks, but traders continue to use the platform due to the immense popularity and the sheer number of brokers that have adopted the platform. Although MetaQuotes, the company behind MetaTrader, has a significant market share, other companies are slowly emerging in the market with revolutionary new platforms. These amazing new platforms offer advanced user interfaces along with new trading features and functionalities that are designed to provide the best trading environment. ActForex is one of the promising new companies in the platform industry that has developed the ActTrader, which has received a tremendous response from traders due to the innovative new features that the platform offers. ActTrader has managed to acquire a fair share of followers in the retail trading industry and is all set to be one of the major competitors that threaten to topple MetaTrader from its comfortable top spot.

What Are The Advantages Of ActTrader Trading Platforms?

ActTrader platform is a full-feature trading interface that provides numerous customization options for both brokers as well as traders. Being a third party software option, ActTrader can be easily customized according to a broker’s requirements, and traders are also offered a multitude of customization options that allows a user to personalize his interface according to his preferences. ActTrader offers numerous charting options over different time frames, and traders can choose from a wide range of financial assets that include Forex currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, bonds, and other ETFs. ActTrader also supports Binary Options trading, which allows traders to consider the option if they are looking for additional investment options than the traditional FX trading market. The ActTrader platform has a rich graphical interface that contains several different components, which are split up into different modules.

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The different modules allow traders to drag and drop the different windows to create a trading screen or workplace according to their personal preferences. Apart from a wide variety of tools and customization options, the ActTrader platform also provides all modern charting tools and major indicators to help traders to perform extensive technical analysis of the market. ActForex has incorporated all the instruments and indicators under a single toolbar, known as the FXVoyager, which can be easily accessed for customizing the platform or modifying positions in a jiffy. The ActTrader platform supports one-click trading and trading directly from the charts, and all information related to the open orders along with profit/loss and margin details are provided within easy reach. One of the major attractions of using the ActTrader platform is the automated trading feature, which is way ahead than the MetaTrader regarding programming and trade execution. The MetaTrader counts on its immense popularity that allows traders to download Expert Advisors from the large community and MQL forum; however, the ActTrader has an impressive database of existing expert advisors (EA) as well as the ability to create new ones directly from the platform without any programming knowledge. The revolutionary ActVAT (Visual Algorithmic Trading) protocol allows traders to create an automated trading system directly from the charts by setting several different parameters, and traders can initiate their automated trading strategies without writing even a single line of code. ActTrader also makes it easy for traders to attach third party or external Forex trading bots to the different charts, and offers a full range of flexibility to change the parameters on the go. The official FXApps store allows traders to make in-app purchases such as indicators, trading strategies, automated trading bots, and other trading-related services with just a single click.

ActTrader is compatible with multiple devices and supports desktop as well as mobile trading. While the speed of ActTrader is directly dependent on the broker, ActTrader does seem to have excellent performance with a seamless trading experience without any major issues. The attractive and easy-to-use trading interface is certainly a welcome sight for traders that are familiar with the bland interface offered by the MetaTrader. ActTrader has struck a perfect balance between form and function, which helps traders to enjoy a satisfactory trading experience.

The Different Versions Of ActTrader Platform

ActForex has developed dedicated trading platforms for different types of devices. The standalone ActTrader platform is designed for the desktop that works on both Windows and Mac OS, while the AcTrader mobile trading platform duties are accomplished by the ActPhone, ActPad, and ActDroid interfaces. Traders also get access to the ActWebTrader platform for trading on the go using both desktops as well as mobile devices. ActTrader regularly tweaks its platforms for improved performance and functionalities and is one of the very few platforms that understand its users’ requirements precisely. ActForex has built a platform for every need, and the company is committed to improving its service offerings to take the fight to the MetaTrader in the platform wars.

Are There Any Problems With ActTrader Forex Brokers?

ActTrader does not have any significant drawbacks regarding platform performance or efficiency of trading; however, it ‘s hard to find a high-quality regulated Forex broker from a particular location. MetaTrader continues to be the favorite among Forex brokers, which significantly diminishes the number of Forex Brokers that adopt the ActTrader platform. Although ActTrader is continuing to rise in popularity, it can be difficult for traders to find a local broker, especially from lesser-known jurisdictions, where Forex brokers might adopt the tried and tested MetaTrader platform for consistency. It is also a huge surprise that most mainstream brokers have not adopted the ActTrader platform yet; nevertheless, everything is set to change in the coming years when ActTrader gains more popularity in the retail trading market.